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Targeting is Key to a Successful Campaign

Building on our successes over the last 35+ years, Creative Marketing Programs Kansas City (CMPkc) can help you plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns regardless of media or industry. Our strategies utilize an integrated approach that involves all communication channels. In doing so, marketers are able to build on relationships with consumers regardless of their entry point into your organization.

CMPkc collaborates with your creative team or agency to provide these media development and production services for your targeted marketing campaigns:

  • Direct Mail
  • Digital Advertising
  • IP Direct Marketing
  • Email
  • Website Landing Pages
  • Web Response Capture Sites
  • Database Services
  • Print Advertising
  • Fulfillment Services

Evidence-Based Knowledge

CMPkc has always taken a scientific approach to testing all elements of a targeted marketing campaign. We have conducted hundreds of tests on formats, messaging, offers, audiences and more. This knowledge provides our healthcare, retail and other clients with an immediate competitive edge.

Relationship Building

CMPkc's Consumer Engagement Marketing (CEM) strategies motivate consumers to interact and encourage them to learn more about your products and services. We store collected data, so you can send subsequent, relevant communications. We call this “marketing to the interested,” and it is far more effective than any segmentation scheme or modeling algorithm.

Turnkey Solution

In addition to being experts in targeted campaign strategies and tactics, CMPkc offers full-service implementation that includes list development, production services, fulfillment, response reporting and ROI analysis.

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CMPkc would like to learn about your marketing objectives and how our approach to Targeted Marketing engagement will ignite your ROI.

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