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Personal URL (PURL) Landing Pages

Personalization is an important component of direct response marketing. Creating relevant content specific to not only the overall target audience but to the individual is critical. CMPkc’s approach provides a personal website experience for each member of your target audience. Our approach increases brand awareness, familiarity of locations and time spent on page.

We begin with a targeted mail list and a list of your locations. For example:

  • Healthcare: hospitals, urgent cares, ERs and physician offices
  • Retailers: store locations
  • Banks: branches

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The center point of the PURL Landing Page is an interactive map. The consumer’s home is plotted at the center of the map with the closest locations displayed. This easily allows them to quickly understand the proximity of their home to your location(s). When a user clicks on a location on the map, complete address, drive distance and telephone information is displayed. A complete list of locations is visible to the left of the map, so the user can scroll to view all locations. Links are also included so the user can go directly to the appropriate page on your website.

Frequently, CMPkc recommends including a response device on the landing page. This allows the user to self-report relevant information that can be valuable for future targeting and follow-up communication.

The PURL Landing Page is a perfect fit for marketers targeting the valuable New Mover audience, as it helps new residents, who may be unfamiliar with the area, easily locate your business and services.

A Personalized Experience

Our mapping technology helps connect prospects and customers to your locations. For a demonstration, we mapped some of our favorite Kansas City points of interest.

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