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Cookie-less Digital Marketing

Creative Marketing Programs Kansas City (CMPkc) is always developing new methods to better target your audience and thus improve ROI.

IP Direct Marketing is based on patented technology that uses over 30 public data elements to correlate the unique physical address of a household or business with its corresponding IP address - with 95% accuracy!

Imagine having the ability to match the physical addresses from a customer or prospect list with the national database of IP addresses, so that only those selected individuals are presented with your digital display ads. These ads can be shown based on whatever audience demographic and psychographic data elements you desire - talk about targeting!

And we can create a bigger impact by coordinating the delivery of your digital ads into households at the same time your direct mail piece hits the mailbox.

Digital Postman...

IP Direct Marketing is designed to:

  • Match a home's physical address with its corresponding IP address at a rate of 40-60%
  • Increase your response rate up to 52%
  • Create a Click-Through Rate (CTR) 3.2 times the industry standard

Another use for this application is targeting attendees at a convention or concert. People who tap into a building's free WiFi will be presented with display ads relevant to the event's attendees.

The uses for this type of technology are enormous. Creative Marketing Programs Kansas City can help you take full advantage of IP Direct Marketing to ignite your ROI.

Video has invaded New Mover Marketing.

Marketers understand the value of communicating with families who have “relocated from a far enough distance” that they will most likely be searching for new doctors, healthcare facilities, banks, and grocery and hardware stores.

Video is the latest marketing tactic that will Ignite Your ROI.

We have already mastered the ability to serve digital banner ads to the same New Mover households that will receive direct mail.

The latest advancement in combining direct mail with digital is Over the Top Video (OTT) and Pre-Roll Video.

You can introduce your brand via OTT ads while New Movers are watching streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max and Peacock, to name a few. And these OTT ads have a very high video completion rate (VCR) as they are often displayed on smart TVs before popular shows and movies.

Pre-roll Video has long been a popular digital advertising tactic for 15- and 30-second spots before YouTube videos or clips on popular websites such as Now, we can display your Pre-roll Video to only the targeted list of New Mover households.

Even if your business has a successful New Mover campaign, imagine the impact of reaching this valuable target audience via video before your competitors.

And this same technology works just as effectively on any offline mailing list, not just New Movers.

The latest Advancement in New Mover Marketing is Video

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