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Relentless Testing Perfects Direct Mail

For more than 30 years, Creative Marketing Programs of Kansas City (CMPkc) has perfected consumer engagement with direct marketing. Through testing and constant improvement, CMPkc has developed an expertise in moving consumers to action with appropriatly messaged, designed and delivered mail packages.

This starts with a dedicated team of client service professionals. Our team is knowledgeable in the latest printing technologies as well as U.S. Postal regulations and requirements, helping to minimize printing and mailing costs while ensuring maximum deliverability.

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CMPkc would like to learn about your marketing objectives and how our approach to approach to direct mail will ignite your ROI.

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CMPkc also understands the importance that timely fulfillment can play in a successful campaign. Too often, the back-end steps of a promotion are overlooked. The positive impression you generate in your initial marketing contact with a customer or prospect can be greatly diminished when back-end fulfillment is delayed. Our production team is uniquely prepared to provide a wide range of fulfillment functions.

List Management

CMPkc believes that selecting the right audience for your marketing efforts is one of the most important components of a direct marketing campaign. Marketers often choose quantity over quality and target unqualified prospects, thus lowering the overall performance of the campaign.

Our list hygiene programs include address standardization, National Change of Address (NCOA), delivery point validation and other proprietary critical steps to ensure that our clients’ mail achieves maximum deliverability.

For healthcare clients, we can also manage patient mailing lists to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Mail Package Design

To maximize open rates, readership and response rates, we have developed a winning combination of presentation, offer and targeting strategies. Our recommendations are based on results from testing New Mover Programs over the past 30+ years.

CMPkc’s healthcare clients that utilize our proven 6” x 9” package presentation have enjoyed an average response rate from 6 to 12 percent. Rates are largely influenced by market variables such as size and competition. Numerous tests have shown that the 6” x 9” envelope package has the best response rate. This is due in large part to a higher open and readership rate, which is a key factor in the success of any direct mail campaign. Even though it has a higher production cost than a self-mailer or postcard, the higher response rate of the 6” x 9” envelope package results in a lower cost per new patient than other presentation formats.

Project Management, Printing, Mailing and Fulfillment

CMPkc's services include:

  • Project Coordination and Campaign Management
  • Data Entry
  • Product and Literature Fulfillment
  • Internet Fulfillment
  • Kit and Specialty Hand Assembly
  • Collating
  • List Processing
  • Personalization
  • Labeling
  • Laser Imaging
  • Ink Jet Addressing
  • Variable Digital Printing
  • Folding
  • Shipping
  • Warehousing
  • Computerized Inventory Control
By performing direct marketing and fulfillment functions in-house, we help our clients maintain better control over their marketing efforts.

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We'd really like the opportunity to discuss your marketing objectives and how CMPkc’s approach to approach to direct mail can ignite your ROI.