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As a result of the pandemic, Emergency room visits, physician office visits and urgent care volumes are down across the county.

There seems to be a general concern about the fear of infection that is motivating people to postpone care that should not be delayed. This is especially worrisome for cardiology-related symptoms. To counter this perception, many in the healthcare industry are preparing “we’re open and safe” messaging.

CMPkc knows how to engage consumers. We’ve done this for years with targeted new mover and new parent audiences. We can use these same proven engagement strategies to target nearby households who may need your services. Using a proven, powerful combination of innovative direct mail and digital ads that target the same households, CMPkc can help hospitals reassure patients their facilities continue to be open and are safe. And, we can collect household healthcare interests for future marketing initiatives.

CMPkc starts with laser-targeted list development. We then implement direct mail that can include custom maps for each recipient, showing the exact mileage distance between their residence and your closest facility. The custom map places the recipient’s residence on a map with the drive route to that facility.

A relevant free offer is key to a very high engagement level. By offering either a free branded washable facemask or branded trial-sized hand sanitizer, healthcare marketers can dramatically increase engagement among nearby residents. People need and want these items. This relevant offer will increase readership of your offline and online “open and safe” messaging.

We match the mailing list to corresponding household IP addresses to ensure display ads are served only to those households to which we are mailing.

CMPkc offers turnkey solutions for list acquisition, printing, mailing, and fulfillment services as well as digital media services.

Open and Safe Campaign - Good Hospital Face Mask

A free facemask or hand sanitizer offer could engage as many as 9 to 10 percent of all direct mail recipients when communicating an “our hospital continues to be open and is safe” message to nearby consumers.

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