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Innovative Direct Mail Implementation Drives Response

Personalized Landing Page

Innovation continues to improve in the direct mail industry. Digital variable printing and the use of Personal URLs (PURLs) advance personalization in print collateral. With a targeted list, database marketing and automation, marketers are now able to push consumers to specific locations with printed personalized drive-route and proximity mapping.

Proximity Maps

Consumers make choices based on time. By simply showing a target audience how close they live to your location(s), marketers can drive engagement. CMPkc uses proximity mapping to help consumers understand the distance between their residence and any of your locations. The proximity map is perfect for those clients that want to feature more than one location.

Drive-Route Maps

Drive-route maps show the recipient’s home and the fastest driving route to the nearest single client location. This provides a quick and easy way for the consumer to gauge distance between their home and your location.

Offline to Online Engagement

Proximity or drive-route map inserts usually include a PURL that is customized for each recipient. The PURL will take the recipient to a page that includes custom content - their own personal web page!

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