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Facemasks: A Relevant Offer Can Increase Engagement and Response Rates Among Target Audience

As a hospital or retail marketer, your plans have certainly changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. While most of you are extremely busy helping communicate ever-changing operational plans, many of you are thinking ahead about how to engage target audiences once you are ready to proactively communicate with potential customers and patients.

One audience that remains a central, consistent source of market share development is New Movers. By focusing on New Movers who have relocated into your neighborhoods from outside your primary service area, you can implement a proven marketing strategy that provides a high level of ROI. Families continue to relocate, and, among our clients, new mover counts have remained steady even with COVID-19. New Movers today need to know about your healthcare services and retail locations more than ever.

Recently in a large urban market, one of our hospital clients experienced a 14% response rate when offering a free washable (and branded) facemask to a general consumer audience. The great response received from the timely facemask offer has prompted some of our hospital clients to consider a free facemask offer as a relevant way to drive engagement among New Movers and send a definite message that their healthcare system is safe, amid the pandemic.

As with healthcare, we believe similar results for grocery stores and retailers are likely. The relevance of the free facemask offer may drive engagement and, ultimately, increased utilization of healthcare services, as well as memberships and foot traffic to retail locations.

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