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Building A Winning Multi-Channel New Mover Campaign that Boosts Engagement

One of the keys to a winning new mover campaign is to engage your audience and give them the opportunity to raise their hand or to self-identify about what types of health care services they want to learn about. The traditional way to do this is with a response form in the new mover mail piece. However, the way people respond is changing along with the variety of targeted new mover channels available to reach them—personalized URLs (PURLs), IP targeting, mobile device targeting, and other digital methods.

Through research and testing, CMPkc has found that during a targeted direct mail new mover campaign, a health system can see anywhere between a five to 14 percent response rate. And organizations that use multiple channels in their campaign to interact with New Movers can increase their rate significantly! In other words, the more opportunities you give New Movers to respond, the more likely they are to respond.

So how do these different channels help improve a new mover campaign?

Personalized URL (PURL) - A PURL is a website landing page that is created for a specific user. When a new mover receives their mail piece, the PURL is included. New Movers can go to their own personal web page, see a real-time map of how close their new home is to your hospital or clinics, get driving directions to your facilities, and ultimately fill out your new mover response form. The landing page is customizable and can highlight specific services within your health system. You can also include helpful tips or places in the community. A PURL can be a great information source for someone who is moving into your community from out of town.

IP Targeting - When someone moves into a new community, they most likely need to set up new utilities, including a new internet provider. When they subscribe to internet services, they are given a new Internet Protocol address (IP address) that is tied to their new home address. By cross-referencing lists of new IP addresses with lists of new mover home addresses, you can serve targeted digital ads into new mover households at the same time your new mover package is delivered to their mailbox. Check out how CMPkc can help you set up IP targeted marketing.

Mobile Device Targeting - Marketers identify mobile devices either through cross referencing with an IP address or activity within a mobile app. With this technology you can participate in real-time bidding to place your new mover ads on the apps that users access most often.

All of these channels, from direct mail to digital, reach New Movers at the most convenient time for them, where they are. Data has shown that direct mail has had greater returns on new mover campaigns than stand-alone digital new mover campaigns. And when direct and digital are combined, the results are even better.

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