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Relocations Lead to Empty Refrigerators and Pantries

Tips for Grocery Store Marketers When Targeting a New Mover List

When families move more than 10 miles, they often are forced to identify new grocery stores. As the moving van is unloaded, families will need to find new banks, new physicians, and most important to retail marketers, new grocery stores.

Most marketers have endured a relocation at least once, and many clean out their cold and dry food storage before packing the kitchen. This reality provides a perfect opportunity to target families who have recently relocated. For grocery store marketing, the timing of the new mover communication is very important. The sooner the better. Start communicating with new movers as soon as possible after the moving van pulls away.

The first secret to targeting the “best new movers” is to focus on those new movers who have relocated within a close radius of each grocery store location. This varies by geography, but something like a five-mile radius is typically best. Marketers want to spend their precious marketing resources on the “best new customers.” By focusing on those families that move close to a store, the marketer is better positioned to “win” their business.

The second secret to targeting is to find a marketing partner that has the capability to calculate each family’s move distance. To do this, you must have their previous address. Once you know their previous address, algorithms can be written that will calculate the distance between each new mover’s previous residence and their new residence. While the desired move distance will also vary by geography, a general rule is to focus on families that relocate at least 10 miles.

So, focus on new movers who have:

  1. Relocated into a five-mile radius of each of your grocery stores
  2. Moved at least 10 miles from their previous addresses

This targeting advice requires sophisticated IT systems that can perform thousands of calculations and store these distances in a database. For example, let’s look at a grocery store chain with 100 locations. Given this “best targeting” criteria, let’s say the geography has about 6,000 families moving each week. This would require 6,000 new movers multiplied by 100 locations. This requires 600,000 calculations to determine the best new movers that may result in a target list of 2,000 each week.

This list-targeting work really pays off in the end. Grocery store marketers can then communicate with only those new movers who are most likely to need a new grocery store and will likely join affinity programs.

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