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Digitally Target New Movers Within 24 Hours of Relocation

Grocery Store Marketers: Learn about the latest in digital technology to communicate with New Movers ASAP

When communicating with families that are new to your geography, using the latest in digital IP technology will help grocery store marketers introduce their brands to consumers as quickly as possible.

When families relocate, they often clean out refrigerators and pantries before they pack their kitchens. One of the first things most families do after their relocation into a new residence is find a new grocery store.

Using IP Direct Marketing, grocery store marketers can begin serving digital ads into new mover rooftops within 24 hours of the relocation. The technology starts with an offline list of New Movers. Using automation, the physical addresses of the New Movers are then matched to valid IP addresses. With a 95% confidence rating, grocery store marketers can place “Welcome to the Neighborhood” digital ads into new mover households.

These digital ads often offer an incentive to the New Movers to visit the grocery store. While different grocery stores offer different incentives, a popular offer valid for New Movers only is $10 off their entire shopping cart if they join the affinity club.

The digital ads can run for two to four weeks, lengthening the window of opportunity for the grocery store to persuade the New Movers to visit their location.

Grocery store marketers then frequently combine the digital advertising with innovative direct mail. The direct mail includes a personalized letter from the individual grocery store manager and if appropriate, the pharmacy manager. Valuable coupons are included on the letter to encourage the new mover to visit the grocery store ASAP.

The point is to surround the New Movers with brand impressions from your grocery store encouraging the decision-maker to choose your grocery store over your competition.

Typically, when implementing IP Direct Marketing, the digital ads contain animation to catch the eye of web users. Most important is acknowledging the web user as “new to the neighborhood.” When you message the direct ads and direct mail relevant to the new mover, marketers see higher CTRs.

The combination of digital ads and direct mail to the same new mover household proves to be an efficient marketing strategy to engage those families new to your area.

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