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Communicating Proximity is an Efficient Way to Engage New Movers

Consumers prefer grocery stores close to their new residence.

Here’s something most marketers will agree upon: consumers prefer grocery stores that are in close proximity to where they live. For new movers, this is even more important.

We’ve all moved. And when we relocate, we often clean out the refrigerator and the pantry before we pack the kitchen. This reality means that as we settle into our new residence, a trip to the grocery store is inevitable.

Enter new mover marketing campaigns. When grocery store marketers specifically communicate with new movers, they will see increased store visits and membership to affinity clubs. This all starts with sophisticated new mover list sourcing and targeting and should include significant messaging on how close the new mover’s residence is to the nearest grocery store location.

The most effective new mover campaigns include communicating proximity with printed and online maps. For example, using IT automation, the new residence is placed on a map that includes the 4 closest grocery store locations. Marketers can even include the actual mileage from the new mover’s residence to their closest grocery store, with statements such as “The Jones Family is Just 3.2 Miles from Good Grocery.” Helping the new mover understand how close their new residence is to the grocery store will increase your business and affinity club memberships.

Next, take the map experience online. By using Personal URLs (PURLs), encourage the new mover to visit a webpage with a PURL that includes their first and last name. This PURL might be “” This PURL would land new movers on a webpage with a Google-map integrated feature that encourages the new mover to interact with the map. The purpose is the same as the printed map: to help the consumer understand just how close their new residence is to your grocery store. You can show them all of your locations so they can locate one near their home or on their way from work.

Any time you can take a new mover from a direct mail to a digital experience, you will see increased business and affinity club memberships.

The use of proximity mapping, either printed or online, creates a valuable engagement point with new movers.

An example of a Google-map integrated website can be viewed at:

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