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Create an Emotional Bond with Your Target Audience Members

Communicating one-to-one with your customers or prospects should be the ultimate goal of your marketing efforts. Creative Marketing Programs of Kansas City (CMPkc) defines One-to-One Marketing as utilizing information you have collected through consumer interactions in order to send subsequent relevant communications. This establishes and builds loyalty with your organization over time. These communications are set to automatically deliver to your target audiences based on your individual marketing objectives.


Our ROI analysis shows that One-to-One recipients are 50% more likely to become customers versus respondents that did not get a One-to-One marketing communication. CMPkc's automated process effectively distributes One-to-One communications to ensure a low cost per acquisition.


CMPkc takes a rules-based approach to automate delivery of relevant messages to targeted individuals regardless of how they touched your organization. As consumers interact with your organization, preferences and demographic data are gathered and utilized to initiate a series of subsequent personalized communications.

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