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CRM Lite: Successful Interactions That Drive Engagement

Creative Marketing Programs of Kansas City's (CMPkc) Consumer Engagement Marketing strategies encourage all who touch your organization to learn more about your products and services. The TouchPoint Marketing Database, also called “CRM Lite,” allows healthcare, retail and other industries to capture these consumer interactions, household demographics and areas of interest for future relevant communications. In the process, we’re able to quantify the impact of your marketing initiatives and refine your communications to get the most out of your marketing investment.

Useful Data

The TouchPoint Marketing Database enables the collection and coding of personal and demographic information to provide a strong foundation for subsequent marketing efforts. We call this “marketing to the interested.” It is much more cost-effective than targeting based on segmentation or propensity modeling.


Reliable analytics are totally dependent upon the front-end data capture process that is designed and structured to maximize accuracy. The TouchPoint Marketing Database allows you to code, track and measure the effectiveness of all your marketing initiatives. For this reason, the TouchPoint Marketing Database often serves as a portal to a marketing data warehouse.

Build As You Go

The TouchPoint Marketing Database has a modular design that allows you to build a database while meeting your current marketing objectives. This stair-step approach can evolve into a fully integrated CRM data warehouse as time and budget dollars become available.

TouchPoint Marketing Database CRM Lite

Prospect Data
Customer Data
Mass Media Data Capture & Coding
Suppression Storage
Online User Interface Tools basic
Response Reporting
ROI Analysis as needed
Automated 1:1 Communications
Price Range affordable

Already Have a CRM?

For clients that already have a customer relationship management (CRM) provider (such as Salesforce), CMPkc has developed seamless integration so data collected can automatically transfer to an existing database. We know how to integrate with your existing systems.

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CMPkc would like to learn about your marketing objectives and discuss how our approach to Database Marketing will ignite your ROI.

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