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Open & Safe Campaigns: Drive Home Messaging with a Relevant Offer

We’ve heard from many hospitals across the country about the challenges they are having reassuring patients their healthcare facilities are open and safe in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

We’ve found a free facemask offer can engage as many as 14 percent of all direct mail recipients when communicating an “our hospital is open and safe” message to nearby consumers. And a free branded facemask offer reinforces your “open and safe” message.

We’ve also heard from almost all of our healthcare clients that hospitals are struggling to restart elective surgeries and encourage patients not to wait for urgent or emergency care. We want to share an example of how we can help you communicate with consumers regarding your readiness to provide safe care and engage nearly 14% of direct mail recipients with your brand.

  • Start with great direct mail list targeting. Focus on a radius surrounding your hospital and then apply appropriate demographic list criteria to communicate with a focused group of consumers.
  • Communicate a reassuring message that includes the safety steps you are taking to protect patients over and above during the pandemic and information on your current methods for seeking care.
  • Help consumers understand their proximity to your urgent cares and emergency rooms and the importance of not waiting to seek help in an emergency. We recommend including custom mapping that provides drive-route directions and custom calculations from the target audience member’s residence to your nearest healthcare facilities. This allows messaging such as “The Jones Family is just 2.1 Miles to the Closest Good Hospital Emergency Room.”

Some hospitals have begun TV, radio and social media campaigns as they are reopening their healthcare facilities. A mix of targeted direct mail with a relevant offer and digital IP ads may help increase the level of engagement you can achieve in your local communities.

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